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FizzicsProperties of Materials

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Polycom Special Event




Properties of Materials: Liquid Nitrogen Show 

with Fizzics scientist, Ben Newsome


Date:          Tuesday, February 4, 2016

Time:          1-2:00 ET (12:00 CT, 11:00 MT, 10:00 PT)

Grades:        6th-8th grades


Partners: Author coordination/liaison: Elaine Shuck, Polycom, Inc.,

Event coordination: Sue Porter, Polycom Education Consultant


A show performance where your classroom becomes an interactive science lab!

  • Find out how solids, liquids and gases change when rapidly heated and cooled. 
  • Smash a squash ball! Shrink a balloon instantly!
  • What happens to living things if they are frozen?
  • How can Newton's 3rd Law of Motion explain a liquid nitrogen sprinkler?
  • Explore Charles Law using popping cans and expanding balloons.
  • Just what is the Leidenfrost effect anyway?

Covers phase changes, expansion and contraction, basic cell theory, air pressure and the weather.


Join Australian content provider, Fizzics, and Fizzics scientist, Ben Newsome, for this session on The Property of Materials - Liquid Nitrogen Show


Questions? Email Sue Porter - polycomspecialevents@gmail.com




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