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Mt Washington

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Polycom Special Event



Extreme Weather Observations

with the Mt. Washington Observatory (New Hampshire)


Date:          Thursday, November 13, 2014

Time:          1:10-2:10 ET (12:10 CT, 11:10 MT. 10:10 PT)

Grades:       6th-8th grades


Partners: Author coordination/liaison: Elaine Shuck, Polycom, Inc.,

Event coordination: Sue Porter, Polycom Education Consultant


The summit of Mount Washington is the tallest point in the northeastern United States and strategically located at the convergence of three major storm tracks. The summit of Mount Washington is battered year-round by some of the most extreme conditions on the planet. Nowhere else on Earth is readily found such a consistent combination of sub-zero temperatures, hurricane-force winds, freezing fog and driving snow. During our program, Extreme Weather Observations, we will take a look at what exactly is a meteorologist and how they make a forecast. Forget the suits and ties – enter the exciting world of our mountaintop crew! Find out who these intrepid scientists are, how they collect data, what kind of data they collect, and how they translate the data into information we can use.


Please download these materials and review with your students before the videoconference.

About Mt. Washington

Observing Weather

Extreme Weather Terms

Why Mount Washington


Questions? Email Sue Porter at polycomspecialevents@gmail.com


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